Saturday, February 19, 2011


Coming up March 10th - 13th we are headed out for a little jaunt through the Midwest and Southeast Central parts of the good ol' USA with our pals in the mighty GREAT REVERSALS. Pretty stoked for all of the shows. Especially the show in Toledo on the last day with RINGWORM. Plus it is POISON TONGUES' first show as well.
Other highlights include finally getting to see my friend Story's band SACAEA in Nashville, getting to see VETERANS again in Cincinnati, and Under Anchor playing in Grand Rapids for the first time in almost a year! Woohoo!

We will have new shirts for this tour, and also possibly some CDRs of our side of the Disconnected split with us. Haven't really decided yet. But yeah come out to a show, hang out with us, bring food, let's party.

It's good to get UA back out on the road. It's been since July 2010! Damn!

Much love.