Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Lyrics

Disconnected Split (2011)

I have taken part in the leprosy,
Poisoning the earth ruthlessly in routine.
Please Gaia, forgive me for my sins.
Mother, I want to know and love you better.
But unfortunately I was born a man in this age.
Senses dulled, spirit dimmed, and mind subdued.
I can't seem to get in touch, can't know the planet.
Wandering disconnected and blind.
Please Gaia, forgive me for my sins.
Mother, I want to know and love you better.
And now, walking along the ocean shore at night,
I wade out until the water is at my chest.
I let the black waves crash over me,
And carry me out into the sea.
Oh, endless great Ocean, please swallow me.
I don't want to live apart from you anymore.
I don't want to live as a parasite any longer.

How has this come to pass?
The metaphorical gun to the head of freedom has discharged.
Brain particles flew and planted themselves into the lawmakers heads.
And all of the blood flowed down into the veins of our "public servants."
Both parties are now livid and mad with freedom.
Freedom to pass whatever abomination of a law they choose.
Free. Free to harrass and to forsake any person they choose.
They have built a prison out of our borders.
How has this come to pass?
We have allowed the men with the guns to rule our lives.
We cannot allow this any longer.
Unite against the thieves or perish.

"Like a leper rotting in flesh, let all avoid me.
Like a cripple without limbs, let me not move freely.
Remove my cheeks, so that tears may not roll down them.
Crush my lips and tongue, so that I may not sin with them.
Pull out my nails, so that I may not grasp anything.
Let my shoulders and back be bent, so that I may carry nothing.
Like a man with a tumor in his head, let me lack judgment.
Ravage my body sworn to chastity, leave me with no pride, and have me live in shame.
Let no one pray for me."
For I rebuke the "benevolent" deities;
I curse those responsible for all creation, for I am cursed the same.
Let no one pray for me.
Instead, pray for the fire to cleanse this earth of our filth.
Open your eyes and open your heart.
Open your mind, and open your mouth to call forth the end.

The Creator must have been a fool.
No thoughts as to create a self-sustaining organism.
To live, one must consume. Energy must be expelled to exist.
The laws of reality are harsh and unjust.
Like how there's no such thing as a sure thing in this life.
"Except for death. Accept your death."
I can't quite grasp the idea yet. And now I'm losing it.
Why so much suffering? Why the frailty of everything?
Not much longer now and this planet is going to wipe itself clean.
In a belligerent universe with no right or wrong,
We are all fools.

Strung up by his hands, With his legs bound to a chair.
Blindfolded, beaten and bruised. Dry blood crusted on his face.
Just enough water to keep him breathing for what seems like an eternity.
A life of misery in a dark hole with no way out.
He hears his tormentors enter the room. Fear builds in his heart.
They remove the blindfold from his head, And there stands his wife.
She is crying and bleeding, And he begs them to let her go.
They beat him to a pulp, and rape her while he watches.
This is not some random occurrence, And not a stretch from the truth.
Similar extreme atrocities are committed daily.
Political prisoners stuck in a world of torture and imprisonment,
With no hope but death.
And there is no such thing as justice. No cosmic karma.
No punishment or reward for deeds done in this life.
What so darkens the hearts of men?
I just don't understand.

Forbidden to love whomever I please.
Made to feel shame for any other belief.
How ironic is it that in a "free country"
One cannot legally wed whom one chooses?
I can't accept this. I won't participate.
The most basic right that we should have is not ours to uphold.
No more hatred. No more discrimination.
If love is forbidden, where does that leave us?
A society of fear. Collectively empty and alone.
Exclusion brought about by religious indoctrination.
Insecurity created by alpha-male ideologies.
No more hatred. No more discrimination.
No more forbidden love.

* The first half of NO HOPE was taken from the film "Thirst" by Park Chan Wook.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No such thing as justice.

Hello everyone (to the few who might read this).
Winter is kicking my ass, but I'm hanging in there. I can't 100% speak for everyone in UA, but I'm pretty sure they are all doing all right. DJ is great I know. Jimmy and I share a house and are both living in poverty, and it gets a bit tough. But life goes on and there is a lot of work to be done and fun to be had. Adrian recently moved and seems to be doing well.

Shows have all been going great! Thanks to everyone for coming out and making good memories with us. I'm starting to get the tour bug again, so look out for some tour dates soon. I think we are doing a four day weekend with the mighty GREAT REVERSALS in late march. Come late Spring/early Summer, we will have a couple proper tours in the works.

Disconnected finally got their side of the LP recorded!!! Now we just need the artwork. That will be put into motion soon, and I'm guessing the record will be out in April. We have been talking about doing something cool for the record release, so keep your eyes peeled!

All right folks. That's it for now.
Go read Elephantmen. And Billy the Kid's Old Timey Oddities. And The Boys. And other good comics.