Thursday, January 26, 2012

Endless Black Well of Despair

January 26, 2012. Hello everyone. Again, long time no hear from us huh?
I just wanted to take the time to update this for once in a million years, and let anyone know who may stumble across this, that we are still a band. -ish. We aren't playing any shows currently, but we do plan to get together again at some point. Probably not for a while, but it will happen. Write some more tunes, yell at a bunch of stone faces some more, you know the drill. For now, check out everyone's other bands:

Old Soul (Jimmy & Adrian make epic shit happen)
Clockwork (DJ plays bass and sings the pop-punk blues, Lifetime-style)
Cloud Rat (Rorik & Adrian grind your ears into oblivion)

We've all been busy with life, kids, work, etc. And these bands have all been very active. It's been hard to do anything with the Anchor, what with Jimmy living in Grand Rapids, DJ in Detroit, and Adrian & Rorik in Mt Pleasant.

Stay well. Read Discworld novels. And lots of good comic books (none of that superhero bullshit).