Friday, October 30, 2009


Here is a man addicted and malicious
He cannot function without his fix
Just after dusk, he spots a woman and her young daughter
Walking home with groceries in their hands
Easy prey
He pulls a knife and puts it to her neck
"Unless you want to die, you'll do whatever I say"
Tonight, a woman is violated
In front of her daughter's eyes
Is this a man?
Spreading poison funded by the government
Fueling hatred and class oppression to a peak
Using fear as a tool to satisfy his wants
And gaining sympathy for leverage
Waste of life
Yes this is a man
Who belongs in the dirt

Oil City
Everyday is the same
His anguish is a consummate flame
Fueled by his family
Fueled by his shame
He can't recall anymore days of happiness and fulfillment
Numbed by society
Twelve-hour shifts consume his life
He takes a drink as he tries to visualize the face of his son
His boy was lost years ago in an accident on an icy road
He takes a gun and puts it to his head
This is his last night wishing he was dead
But out of the corner of his eye
He spots a newspaper with a strange headline
"Honor Killings = Supreme Injustice"
He reads the story of a young girl in Iraq
Murdered because of her love for a boy of a different religion
She was stoned to death at age seventeen
Stoned to death by her own family
And he cries "Please tell me that this is not real"
And he weeps, and he gets down on his knees
Overcome by sorrow, in shock and disbelief
He drops the gun and picks up the phone and calls everyone he knows
And he says "I am thankful for you"

Eyes And Teeth
A lifetime of suffering for a moment of tortured perversion
An epidemic of detachment rooted in the core of our culture
Sadness magnified by fear and disgust
Delusions appeased by infinite objectivity
I cannot forgive. I can't forget.
How much more can we take?
How many more victims of rape?
Picture a small boy confused and alone
Strong hands hold him down as he is penetrated
And through the rest of his life he will always remember
The fear, pain, shame, embarrassment, and helplessness
He will always carry these feelings.
Seeking justice through retribution
Seeking closure through execution

Death Incarnate
Why must I struggle to separate
Happiness from self-deception?
A sound mind from ignorance?
Contentedness from complacency?
Why can't everything be so simple like it was before?
Another day passes, another billion dead
Scraping the earth clean of life
And the rest of the world is too busy to notice
How much blood is collecting in our hands
So much death. So much pain. So much misery.
And most of my friends still don't comprehend.
What is happening?
Centuries of lies. They have permeated every facet of our minds.
Humanity is dead.
How do we redeem ourselves?

Reality Of Truth
We travel thousands of miles
We consume in hopes to enrich our lives
We discuss what we believe are profound truths
We spit in the faces of gods and their believers
And we love in hopes to fill the holes
In our hearts and our minds ( To break free)
In this world of deceit I have learned
To question everything (To break free)
And I struggle against the tide
Throwing fists and baring teeth
Crushing everything touching me
Surrounded by a human undertow
And every face is a face I know
We're all battered and bruised
And we're all alone
Searching for solace
Searching for home
Still searching for completion
Still searching for peace of mind
For the reality of truth
But why does it always seem as if
Nothing is real?

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