Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shows have been great. People have been great. I really feel like the Michigan community has come together a lot over the past year or two. A lot of cool things happening right now. Mt. Pleasant alone has a cool bike co-op, a grocery co-op, a community garden happening in a month, the Mt Pleasant Free School, and a ton of cool local businesses doing great things. DIY shows at Justice Records have all been great so far.
And that is just small-town Mt P. Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Detroit, Traverse City, Bay City, and more all have cool things going on. I'm stoked!

In Under Anchor news, we are no longer doing the split with Disconnected :(
We really really want to, but unfortunately timelines aren't coming together. Disconnected already has their stuff recorded, and we are still writing. Maybe another time!
Sooooo, instead, we are now planning on doing another full-length. Hopefully record at the end of summer, early fall. Maybe have it out by the end of the year, maybe not. We want to take our time and write a good record, no rushing. It might take a while, but we are really excited about the stuff we have come up with so far.

Also, we aren't going on tour with Dire Wolf anymore. Damn. One of these days we will do an extended tour again, for now we will probably be sticking with weekends though.
Thanks to everyone who has been coming out and making all of these shows as amazing as they have been. DIY/Punk/Hardcore/Community/Etc. is alive and well!!! Woo!!!


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